More time for your children

Setting your own hours, not having to negotiate with the boss

Working with the nicest people ever: mums and babies




Sarah set up Baby Bonding 4 years ago to get out of teaching, which was consuming her life.

While needing to make an income, she also wanted a new way of doing things where she could spend more time with her two young children. She set up the company with her husband during the later half of her maternity leave. After starting work again  she found the extra time spent with her young daughter and baby son before they started Reception class was wonderful. Also the ability to be there for those early tentative days at school and every other day is still worth it.  These days and these memories are irreplaceable.


She remembers vividly her first ever client, and wondering if anymore would come. They did of course and Baby Bonding grew and grew in popularity among the mums. Initially advertising helped (and still does), but word of mouth became the strongest way of getting known. Sarah loves seeing the babies grow and develop each week and meeting the mums (with many friendships and social outings from it). Mums love it too and are often very sad to leave but often return with their next child.


Interested in joining Baby Bonding?


If you are interested, we’d offer support to you all the way. We’d pass on all the know-how and resources you need to get up and running, then help you grow and grow until you realise you are confident and doing it all by yourself. It’s very exciting running your own business.


We are looking for the right person who loves spending time with mums and babies.  A person who is well organised and capable of running the fun packed classes, but also comfortable to chat and make light of life. Mums really appreciate this at what is a wonderful but also difficult time of their lives. A warm welcoming atmosphere, encouraging friendly chit-chat keeps mothers and babies bonding.


As you’ll be our first franchisee, you’ll get the pick of the territories. Also you won’t pay much more than cost price for everything else. We really want you to be successful. Sarah has made it and she can guide you too.


If you'd like to know more, then feel free to phone or email.